Stufff My Groovy Stocking - Day 1 - Wonder Clips

Stuff My Stocking - Day 1

Wonder Clips

When you bend a pin, switch to Wonder Clips !!!

Or ... just use them for everything. We love these things! And know you do too! We bought bulk - no packaging to save you major $$$.

The Stuff my Stocking item of the day is 10 Wonder Clips for only $7.50 !!!

Maximum 50 per person. Groovy Threads regular price for a 10 pack is $9.99 and while searching for pictures, I saw them for a whopping $15, yikes!


How does this Work?

If you want this special item added to your stocking, it's super easy. Send an email to with your full name and how many you'd like. The Groovy Threads elves will fill your stocking with the items you choose, and have them available December 14 @ 11AM.

These items are not available for purchase in store until the stockings arrive Saturday December 14 @ 11AM. Stockings are not eligible for loyalty and taxes are extra.

Thanks for playing everyone! We have bunches of fun getting these items for you at amazing savings and love that you have joined the fun!


Potluck Party

Pickup your Stocking AND Catch up with your Groovy friends !!!

Groovy Threads Sewing Studio would like to wish everyone a safe and fun holiday season, in person! Bring your potluck favourite and catch up with friends.