Time to get your Groove On - Curbside pickup starts Monday!

Hello Groovy Guys and Gals,

We get to re-open !!! Only for curbside pickup at this point, but it's something and more than we've been able to do for nearly two months. Yippee !!!

How does this work?

Email askus@groovy-threads.com what you need. We'll get it together and send you along a total. Then just e-transfer your payment and we'll have it ready for the next scheduled pickup.

Looking for fabric? Send a picture of the fabrics you're working with and we'll find something groovy to match your request.

Pickup days are Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 10am.


Curbside Drop Off

Been sewing non-stop as your mental health for the last two months? Me too!!! Our service department is looking forward to cleaning and servicing your busy machines :)

Just email askus@groovy-threads.com and let us know you'll be dropping your machine off and e-transfer the deposit of $33.90 (waived for Husqvarna machines). We'll have your service ticket ready in the drop off bin for the next scheduled drop off day.

Drop off days are Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 10am.


Virtual Demos

Sewing Mastery to the Rescue

With the store closed and social distancing in effect, it's hard to show why Husqvarna machines are THE BEST !!! But I get emails from happy customers every week telling me how their Husqvarna machine has made sewing more fun and easier. You need to see these machines in action !!!


Husqvarna Specials

Flyer extended until May 31 !!!

All levels of sewing machine are on sale this spring, from the entry-level E10 @ only $199, or go from good to great with Opal 650 at $899.

You'll receive a serger bag for 1/2 price with the purchase of the 250S for $599 or the NEW Amber Air|S 400 for $1499.

And hold on to your socks, many of the embroidery machines ... include software !!! You'll save thousands AND receive software to let you dream even bigger !!! See all the details online, then email Groovy Threads for your next machine.


Used Machines

If you're thinking of a new machine, what about the new-to-you option? You'll save $$ AND still receive FREE classes, a 90-day warranty and trade-up policy !!! Groovy Threads has a screaming deal on a Designer EPIC right now.
See them all here!