Medieval Horse Costume Pattern (With Rump Cover)

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This costume pattern consists of a rump cover (similar to a quarter sheet), a chest piece, and rein covers. Three different trim options are given: a plain edge, an irregular angled edge, and a boxed edge. The rump cover goes over the saddle pad and under the saddle. The chest piece ties to the D-rings on the saddle. The rein covers slip over the reins. The costume is not meant to be used for vigorous or heavy-duty riding, such as jousting, nor is it necessarily historically accurate or authentic. The pattern can be a starting point for such uses, but the modifications then required are the responsibility of the costume maker.

Templates for thirteen different heraldic symbols are included: crown, medieval cross, castle, shield, dragon, leaf, crescent moon, cinqfoil, bee, bird, fleur de lis, axe, and arrow. These can be used as appliques or the designs can be applied using fabric paint.

The rump cover will fit horses with blanket sizes of roughly 60 to 84. The chest piece comes in one size only and will need to be reduced in size for smaller horses and ponies.

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