Groovy Threads Customer Loyalty Program

We realize at Groovy Threads that our most valueable assets are our customers. The Loyalty Program is designed to reward our customers with in store credit every time they shop here. The following is a list of guidelines to explain exactly how the Loyalty Program works.

  1. Is Loyalty Program Enabled?
    The program will be disabled globally on days when everything in the store is on sale (eg. Superbolt Sunday)
  2. Is Customer Eligible?
    Customers can opt out of the program at any time. Customers that already receive discounts (staff, teachers, significant others) are not eligible.
  3. Warranty claims are exempt.
    Anything cashed out to "Warranty Claim" is not eligible.
  4. If item is already discounted > 20% it is not eligible.
    For example, Quilt Guild sale day at 5% off will additionally accrue loyalty credit. End of bolt discount at 25% does not receive additional loyalty credit.
  5. Is the item itself eligible?
    Loyalty is generally applied to regularly priced merchandise under $100. Service items including Class Registrations, Bus Tickets, and Machine Repairs are not eligible. Machines, Software, Cabinets, other custom order items, are not eligible for loyalty credit.
  6. If this is already a loyalty purchase, no further credit will be given.
    When making a purchase with loyalty credit, no additional loyalty credit will be earned.
  7. What percentage of purchase amount is applied as loyalty credit?
    If there is any payment of type "Credit Card", loyalty is applied at 5% to all eligible items. Cash and Debit card purchases are applied at 10%.
  8. Refunds will not be issued on loyalty purchases.

When the above criteria has been satisfied on six regular purchases, the computer system will automatically calculate 10% of the pre-tax subtotal on cash purchases (5% credit card) and apply that amount to the customer's account in the form of customer loyalty credit. The arithmetic will be indicated on the customer's 6th receipt.

Loyalty credit can be exchanged for merchandise only. It carries no monetary value what so ever. Operation of the program is at the discretion of Management. Management reserves the right to alter the program as deemed necessary without prior notice.