Sewing Machine Service

Like a car, your sewing machines require regular maintenance to remain in optimum sewing condition. A full service at Groovy Threads Sewing Studio involves:

  • a good cleaning on the inside and out
  • proper application of oils and lubricants as required
  • inspection of all major components for damage and wear
  • a brand new needle
  • tension and timing adjustments
  • software updates as applicable
  • and a final stitch test that you can see

Parts cost extra, but the client is always consulted if the value is greater than $30.

Please note: All Non-Husqvarna branded machines are subject to a 50% deposit prior to commencement of work. Groovy Threads does not service Non-Husqvarna branded sergers.


Shop Rate: $30/hour

Typical Clean & Service Times:

Mechanical Sewing Machine
Emerald 118, H Class E10
2 hours $60.00
Computerized Sewing Machines and Sergers
Opal, Sapphire, H Class 250S, S21, S25
3 hours $90.00
Embroidery Machine with Embroidery Unit
Designer EPIC, Designer Ruby Royale, Jade 35
4 hours $120.00